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The INHFA was established in Feb 2015 to represent farmers on hill designated and environmentally valuable land. The organisation strives to keep the family farm viable and ensure the farming way of life that has evolved in regions like ours is valued from both an agricultural & environmental point of view.

The INHFA is a nationwide organisation and aims to highlight the challenges faced by farmers in the more marginalised areas of the country.

"Seeking Fairness Not Favouritism"


INHFA announce new President


Vincent Roddy is poised to succeed Colm O’Donnell as President of the Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) at the organisation's Annual General Meeting on the 27th of September. Speaking on this, outgoing President Colm O’Donnell outlined how Roddy was the unanimous choice in a nomination process conducted over the last number of weeks with our county and branch officers that closed on Friday 27th August.

In wishing him every success in his new role O’Donnell pointed to the experience Roddy has on policy and organizational structure . Mr O'Donnell stated that Vincent “will be invaluable in the coming two years as we finalize a CAP deal and address the challenges posed by the EU Biodiversity Strategy, while continuing to grow the organisation.”

Since our establishment in Spring of 2015 Roddy has stated the outgoing President “played an important role both on policy and in recent times as Director of Organisation where he oversaw the establishment of our county and branch structure in a role that demanded hard work with little public recognition.”

“As President he will now get the opportunity to lead from the front in what promises to be an exciting time for the INHFA” added O’Donnell.

In discussing his own two terms as President O’Donnell thanked all INHFA members and especially those that have held an officer position for their work and dedication during his four years as President.

The INHFA President also focused on the establishment of the organisation. “This he maintained was done to provide vital representation for suckler and sheep farmers operating on high nature value farmlands and on our hills. The fruits of these efforts will be evident in the new CAP Programme and through our ongoing work in other forums that delivers improved market returns for our sheep and suckler beef sectors.”

In concluding O’Donnell stated “how honored he was to be the first President of the INHFA and looks forward to working with the incoming President and his team in the coming two years.”


Key Priorities

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Our Work - The INHFA is involved with many projects squarely aimed at facilitating improvements for farmers throughout Ireland, with an emphasis on fairness for all.

Our Policy - The INHFA has developed a balanced set of policies through frank exchange with national and international agricultural organisations as well as at grass roots level.

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